Core Services Engineer

Location: New York City

At Emogi, data is critically important in what we do. That's why we're looking for a smart and clever core services engineer to help drive development of how we model data and expose it to the world.

What we value:

  • The ability to balance code quality and speed to market. Been through a startup before? Perfect, you get this.

  • Judicious testing. Unit tests, integration tests, smoke tests - they're all great. You understand which tests create the most value for the business.

  • Team orientation. We champion and value each other. We believe that if you want to go fast, you go alone, but if you want to go far, you go with a team.

  • Intellectual curiosity. Innovation doesn't happen without curiosity. We think abstractly and reinvent continuously. You should too.


  • Be an architect. You’ll design core components -- specifically, how internal and external services consume our data through APIs and webhooks. You'll also write technical specs and developer documentations for these services.

  • Be a principal contributor. You’ll design and implement data models, security protocols, tests, and everything else you need to have robust API services.

  • Be a maverick. You'll seek to exploit any efficiency you can find to process more data, faster.

  • Be heads-down. Our team is structured to minimize context switching so you can focus on doing what you do best – writing clean code and increasing test coverage.


  • You have a reputation for being a skilled programmer with strong knowledge of software design patterns. Your track record of building amazing things speaks for itself.

  • Deep knowledge of server-side scripting language e.g. PHP and/or Python

  • Extensive experience with designing and implementing REST APIs that interface with large scale data storage technologies.

  • Experience with technical documentations

Desired Experience

  •  Experience working with distributed search platforms e.g. ElasticSearch/Solr

  • Experience working with in-memory (clustered) NoSQL data storage systems e.g. Aerospike and Redis/Riak

  • Experience working with Flask and/or Slim application frameworks

  • Experience with traditional relational data stores e.g. MySQL

  • Experience working with Cloud solutions, such as AWS

  • Experience with key web server applications and concepts, such as user administration, data storage and system security

How To Apply

Interested in this position? Please email your resume and LinkedIn to and we'll get in touch with you soon!