Creative Strategist

Location: New York City

Calling all culture junkies. Emogi is looking for our first creative strategist to play a key role in crafting the content that our users see. You'll connect our users with what’s happening in the world today, and help people communicate with each other across the globe.

As a creative strategist, you decide how our content reaches our users. This means you’ll exercise skills in many disciplines, including strategy, execution and quantitative insights.

The Role

What will you be doing? A lot, as it turns out:


  • Trend Spotting & Discovery. Stay on top of the zeitgeist of messaging. Scour the web to understand what people talk about, when and why - memes, trends, breaking news. You know USWeekly, just as well as Reddit. 

  • Content Strategy. Adapt memes, cultural trends, and real-world events to a messaging context, understanding  nuances in how people use language at different moments. For example, how do people talk about the Super Bowl at half-time versus the final minutes of the fourth quarter?

  • Branded Content Strategy. Work with our brand partnerships team to identify high value topics and develop innovative programs that delight our users and sponsors alike.


  • Planning & Production Management. Determine the concepts and moments that we want to activate. Plan a content calendar of innovative and high-impact content experiences for big events, holidays, and other tentpole events. Ensure we achieve our goals on time.

  • Workflow Operations. Launch and edit content, mapping content to conversations, using our proprietary platform to define the relationship between content and triggers in the message context.


  • Content Optimization. Continuously optimize content by reviewing daily and hourly performance to remove stale content and modify targeting for newly launched content.

  • Analytics & Insights. Identify and address any content categories or audience segments that are being underserved. Develop thought leadership pieces for our blog and marketing collateral. Lead data-driven analyses of Emogi content for the wider Emogi team, including artists, engineers and executives.


    Skills & Requirements

    Who is an Emogi creative strategist? We're open to diverse backgrounds and experiences, but here are the must haves. You're:

    • Visionary. You come with a point of view on what's cool and what's not. You're bursting with ideas on how to make hot trending stickers, gif and emoji.

    • Empathetic. You understand what people talk about, and what resonates with different segments of the population in different scenarios (probably because you’re a messaging addict yourself).

    • Current. You’ve got an intuitive understanding of popular trends and current events, are plugged into the daily trending conversation on social and media platforms. You’re equally versed on the cultural implications of Salt Bae as We are Orlando. You don’t need to visit OutOfTheLoop on Reddit because you already know the backstory on cultural trends.

    • Data-informed. You’re obsessed with figuring out what people are sharing, liking, recommending, and talking about online. You use your gut to create ideas and use data to validate them. 

    • An operator. You’ve got a thorough understanding of post-production workflows -- how the sausage gets made.

    Nice to have:

    • A flexible schedule and the ability to work during nights and weekends, as needed, to cover late-breaking news.

    • Fluent in culture outside the United States and languages besides American English.

    • Experience working with outsourced creative agencies and freelancers.

    How To Apply

    Interested in this position? Please email your resume and LinkedIn to and we'll get in touch with you soon!