iOS Developer

Location: New York City

As a successful candidate for this position, you will be working closely with other Emogi engineers to develop a software developer kit that integrates Emogi’s new patent-pending technology platform. Your SDK will utilize in-house API calls that interface multiple data storage platforms and be used by our technology partners, which include leading iOS app vendors. You will also be in charge of providing detailed developer documentations and support the developer community to ensure the painless and proper integrations. This position is for an independent, self-motivated programmer with meticulous attention to details and obsession for clean and bug-free codes. You must be able to work independently while willing to collaborate when needed.


  • Develop and maintain a new iOS library for application developers that integrates Emogi’s innovative new technologies

  • Write technical specifications and documentations for developers that use the library

  • Collaborate with other Emogi mobile developers and product team to establish design standards for the SDKs across the platforms

  • Collaborate with other Emogi mobile developers to develop and maintain the coding standards of Emogi’s mobile properties

  • Prototype a new Android application that integrates Emogi’s technologies

  • Work with Emogi product and QA team to ensure that desired objectives are met

  • Collaborate with back end team to solve interface and data issues (e.g. API designs and performance optimizations)

  • Assist product team in designing robust process and pleasant user experience

  • Work with product team to help align business objectives with technical feasibility


  • Minimum 5 years of professional programming experience

  • Minimum 3 years of programming iOS applications using Objective-C and/or Swift

  • Portfolio to demonstrate the independent coding skills

  • Experienced with writing unit tests and testable code

  • Experienced with using RESTful API services

  • Experienced with manipulating JSON

  • Familiarity with Material Design Principle

  • Familiarity with server-side technologies (PHP/Node/Rails,etc)

  • Familiarity with Agile Development and Scrum Method

  • Capable of optimizing and memory profiling using Xcode Instruments

  • Working knowledge of source control tools (Git preferred)

Desired Experience

  • Experience with messaging apps

  • Experience with developing libraries that were deployed in a large scale

  • Experience with social network API's such as FaceBook, Twitter, OpenID, oAuth etc

  • Familiarity with ad technologies

  • Familiarity with ElasticSearch/Redis

  • Familiarity with Unix/Linux/OS X

  • Familiarity with iOS development

How To Apply

Interested in this position? Please email your resume and LinkedIn to and we'll get in touch with you soon!